CRIO RPI4 Case for Overclocking


CRIO RPI4 case for Overclocking the Pi4 up to 2GHz (or more). Printed in silk blue PLA material (top) and black PLA (bottom).
Featuring a 40mm fan opening and a special internal design to direct the airflow where is most needed.

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RaspberryPi 4 comes with 1.5GHz stock frequency. Not bad, but what if we could push it a bit higher? The problem is that the Pi4 is already running hot at stock (around 50C) and using just passive cooling will not do much for it.
For this purpose we need a case with a fan, and a power supply of 2Amp or more. We had experience with the Pi3 and 30mm fans for cooling so we thought we may start from scratch and design a new case design with a more targeted airflow to achieve our goal. The result was very promising!
The secret of the case is on the inside. It has a skirt under the fan, to better direct the airflow to the CPU and other components that were getting hot. Notice also the exit vent on the back, just above the SD card slot.


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