3D Printing Services

For Creators

Are you a digital creator of sculptor?  Do you want to showcase your models with professional printing quality and photography?

At INUX3D we offer the following services for Digital Creators:


  • Print your models on our Formlabs Form3 SLA resin printer

  • Paint your model according to your specifications

  • Photograph the result in our professional photo studio

  • Create a video presenting your work


  • Print your miniature(s) on demand

  • Pack and ship to your specified destination(s)

Shadow Dragon resin miniature

Below you can see the process of printing, washing and curing the models. We use only Formlabs official resins and washing / curing recommended settings for the best possible result.

SLA Print

INUX3D Printing Services
Formlabs Form 3 SLA Printer

Print Removal

INUX3D Printing Services
Miniature on Printbed

Wash in IPA

INUX3D Printing Services
Formlabs Wash Station

Remove Supports

INUX3D Printing Services


Curing Station

Final result

We are investing in the latest technology in 3D Printing and are using the best materials for Resin prints. This guarantees the quality and consistency of the result.

We offer resolution of up to 25 microns (0.025mm) to capture the absolute finest details of your work.

Your models are washed and cured according to Formlabs standards in our Wash  and Curing stations. This ensures that your models will allways look their best without any later discoloration or dimensional distortion.

We offer complete logistics services for Digital Creators and Sculptors want to sell online. We will print, pack and ship your products to your end customers with very competitive prices and of course excellent quality.

Some samples of our work

3D Printing Services
3D Printing Services
3D Printing Services
3D Printing Services
Shadow Wolf
3D Printing Services

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our services For Creators. We will work with you to create a competitive service offer to help you showcase your work and help you sell!

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